Rainbow Monthly Sales Flyer

Just some of the hundreds of sales we have every day!

Effective 02/27/21 – 03/27/21, while supplies last.
Subject to change based on availability.

This is only a partial list of all available sales at Rainbow Grocery. Come in to discover even more of our amazing deals, specials, and product highlights all over the store!

Water Kettle
Hand-blown glass
On Sale $47.49

Kitchen Towels – White, set of 6
Every Day $39.99
Napkins – White, set of 4
Every Day $35.99

Verve Culture
Artisanal Citrus Juicer
Handmade in polished cast aluminum
with gold color accents
On Sale $64.99

Tortilla Press Kit
Red cast iron press with servilleta
On Sale $39.99
Power Pouch with Immune Support
Children’s Alkaline Pouches – 6 Pack

On Sale $15.99

Mind Beauty 
AA99 Face Mask
Lab Certified protection! 

ON SALE $22.99
Leto Accessories
Mask filters, 2.5pm Carbon.
Regular or Kids sizes – 6 pack

EVERY DAY Low Price $4.99
Lift & Firm Facial Moisturizer – 1.7 oz.
On Sale $17.95
Desert Essence
Activated Charcoal Toothpaste – 6.25 oz.
On Sale $4.75
Coconut Lavender
Pump Soap – 12.75 oz.

On Sale $4.35
Crystal Roll-on Deodorant
Unscented  – 2.25 oz.
On Sale $3.99
Dr. Bronner’s
Unscented Bar Soap – 5 oz.
On Sale $3.50
Tea Tree Shampoo – 8.25 oz.
On Sale $7.35
Yerba Prima
Natural skin brush for “dry brushing”
On Sale $10.80

Nature’s Way
Echinacea Goldenseal
Vegan Capsules – 100 Count
On Sale $14.99

Alive! Everyday Immune
Softgels – 30 Count
On Sale $7.99

Mind Your Manna
Fire Brew, All flavors – 8 oz.
On Sale $9.99

Vegan Bone-Up 
Tablets – 120 Count
On Sale $13.99


Trace Minerals
Ionic Zinc – 2 oz.
On Sale $7.69

Gotham Project
Boom Box Rosé 
(French Grenache/Syrah Rosé)
The 3 liter ‘boom box’ equals 4 bottles of wine!
Every Day Price $37.99

New Products!
Purple Sea Moss Gel – 14 oz.
On Sale $17.99
Golden Sea Moss Gel – 14 oz.
On Sale $11.99


Kombucha and Tea
All Varieties – 15.2 fl oz.
On Sale $2.49


Macadamia Milk Creamers
All Varieties – 16 fl oz.
On Sale $3.39


Select Flavors – 10 fl oz.
On Sale $2.99

Sweet Earth
Veggie Burgers
All Varieties – 8 oz.
On Sale $3.59

Benevolent Bacon
Seitan Hickory Sage Bacon – 5.5 oz.
On Sale $3.59


GT’s CoCoYo
Coconut Probiotic Yogurt
All Varieties – 8 oz.
On Sale $5.29


Pickled Planet
Pickles, Krauts, and Kimchi
Select Flavors – 16 oz.
On Sale $6.19


Bayview Pasta
Select Varieties – 12 oz.
On Sale $6.80

Caulipower Pizza
 All Varieties – 10.9 oz.
On Sale $7.99
McConnell’s Ice Cream
 All Varieties – Pints
On Sale $7.99
Chloe’s Pops
Assorted Flavors – 10 oz.
On Sale $3.99
Alden’s Ice Cream
All Flavors – 48 oz.
On Sale $7.69
Nadamo Ice Cream
All Flavors – Pints
On Sale $5.49
Van’s Waffles
 All Varieties – 8 oz.
On Sale $2.99
Tres Latin Foods
Pupusas, All Varieties – 10 oz.

On Sale $5.29
Sol Cuisine
All Varieties
On Sale $4.99
Veggies All Varieties  – 10 oz.
On Sale $4.49
Berries All Varieties  – 10 oz.
On Sale $2.49
Featured card lines in honor of
International Woman’s Month
Brown Crayons
Brown Crayons is a multiracial,
woman-owned company
based in Los Angeles.

Every Price $4.99
 Violet Red Studio
A woman artist’s paper goods and cards.
Her studio is based out of Garrett Park, MD.

Every Price $4.99

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