Donating to Community

Committed to being a sustaining member of our community

Rainbow Grocery’s Donations Committee works to support organizations that reflect the diversity of our cooperative and the greater community. Our goal is to enrich and strengthen local organizations that promote the following:

  • Community Development
  • Social Justice
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainable Agriculture
  • The Arts
  • Human & Animal Rights
  • Education
  • Health Awareness

The Donations Committee administers one-time donations to local, non-profit groups and programs. Rainbow does not require recognition nor advertising in exchange.

We request FOUR weeks from the time your submission for us to process your request. The information entered below is the minimum we require for considering your request.

Previous donations/grants from Rainbow do not guarantee future awards. Our committee members are often working on the sales floor when Donations calls come in, for this reason we suggest that you email any/all questions about the Donations process.

Your organization must have tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status or be fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3). If you are requesting food, please note that you should estimate the cost of what you are requesting and specify that amount. You can then explain what the amount requested will be used for.

All Rainbow donations are currently awarded as a check. Checks cannot be redeemed or cashed at Rainbow, please keep this in mind as all checks will be awarded and sent to the organization named on this application.

    Organization Information

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    Project Information

    Does this donation support a community activity or ongoing project? Tell us about it.

    If approved, how will you use the donation?