Apply To Work At Rainbow

Directly supporting our community, one new member at a time

Unlike consumer co-ops—which often allow customers to volunteer or do not require employees to be members—Rainbow Grocery is fully owned by the people who stock the shelves, sweep the floors, and pay the bills. Rainbow is a worker-owned cooperative, meaning those who work at Rainbow are (or soon will be) co-owners. Once an owner of Rainbow, workers are able to participate in our departmental and store-wide decision-making process.

Hiring Philosophy

While all kinds of people work here, Rainbow seeks out those committed, motivated, and responsible individuals who want to participate within a non-hierarchical business, taking on the role of an owner and not just an employee. While previous health food, collective organizing, or grocery experience is always helpful, it is not a requirement for the application process. If you are willing to learn, we are always willing to share.

How To Apply

Visit Rainbow to help you get a good sense of the kind of organization we run. If you’re still interested in participating in our cooperative structure, check here for any available job listings.

We do not have a central hiring committee for the entire store; each department hires autonomously and as needed. Due to this, we are not able to contact each applicant unless they are being considered for an open position.