It's Great to be Green!

We are a certified SF Green Business

California Green Business Network-San FranciscoRainbow Grocery is a certified San Francisco Green Business and strives to exceed the stringent standards set by the San Francisco Department of the Environment.
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In addition to reaching the environmental goals of our ongoing mission, Rainbow’s ecological ambitions are further met by workers who serve on our annually-elected Ecology Committee. This committee provides educational resources for workers and customers, and actively seeks out innovative ways for Rainbow to minimize its environmental impact. Along with recycling, minimizing waste, composting, and water and energy conservation, Rainbow has also pursued the following environmentally conscious initiatives:

  • Using a daylight harvesting system
  • Running energy-efficient compressor systems for our coolers
  • Using a 13.3 kilowatt solar panel system for electric usage and hot water heating
  • Offering financial incentives for customers when they reuse containers and bags when shopping in bulk and produce
  • Installing energy-efficient LED lights throughout the store
  • Being on 100% renewable energy through CleanPowerSF

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