Our Community

Strengthening the bonds of community since 1975

Rainbow Grocery is committed to being a positive presence in our community—both economically and ecologically. Each year we donate to local non-profits, social justice organizations, schools, and arts organizations. We actively support the development of cooperatives and collectives that bring living wage jobs and democratic workplaces to the Bay Area. We regularly attend local fairs and community events.  In an effort to minimize our environmental impact, we recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible, while offsetting our energy usage through our solar panels and subscribing to CleanPowerSF.

Through Rainbow’s Cooperative Grant Program, we work with startups and founders to make sustained, positive change in our shared community. Together we can help create democratic, living wage jobs in the Bay Area and a workforce that will have time and resources to put back into our local community.

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Rainbow has been involved in the development of new cooperatives and democratically-run organizations for decades. We believe in the strength of the cooperative model, and as such we open ourselves to those who seek information, support, and funding when starting down the cooperative path.

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Rainbow’s Donations Committee reinforces our commitment to the community, extending beyond healthy food and sustainable wages. Through donations to valued local non-profits and community organizations—who are making important contributions to our neighborhoods and the Greater Bay Area—Rainbow continues to fulfill its philosophy of giving back to the community in which we operate.

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Rainbow’s Public Relations Committee is responsible for the promotion, social engagement, and dissemination of Rainbow’s brand and products, as well as our philosophy and philanthropy.

Though Public Relations is tasked with all advertising, social media management, and public-facing representation, they also coordinate sponsorships with community events, non-profits, and organizations. If your gallery is having a gala, your school is having a raffle, or your charity is having a fundraiser, Public Relations may be able to support your event with in-cash or in-kind donations.

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Rainbow has been contributing to local schools, child care centers, and educational outlets for years. As part of our continued support, Rainbow provides a Scrip program for families and friends. We donate 10% of purchases made by supporters directly to authorized organizations of their choice. Our Scrip program is open to any tax-exempt day care center, nursery, and K-12 schools.

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