Cooperative Grant Program

We are only as great as the sum of our parts

Rainbow Grocery’s Cooperative Grant Program fosters the growth of existing or start-up worker-owned cooperatives and collectives.

Through our Cooperative Grant Program, Rainbow works to make sustained, positive change in our community. Together, we can create living wage, democratic jobs in the Bay Area and a workforce that will have the time, interest, and resources to put back into our local community. Rainbow is particularly invested in funding cooperatives that are striving to:

  • Function democratically and non-hierarchically at all levels of their business/organization.

  • Establish a cooperative as part of a community that is undeserved by their type of business and/or by businesses that have a cooperative structure.

  • Reflect the community in which they are located and maintain an inclusive and just work environment.

  • Become a participant in the larger cooperative movement, especially within the Bay Area and Northern California.

  • Maintain or expand an existing cooperative that has made a demonstrable contribution to their local community.

To learn about starting a worker-owned cooperative, check out these resources.

Rainbow Grocery is proud to support the development of worker-owned cooperatives in the Bay Area through our Cooperative Grant Program. By supporting these groups, we are supporting the movement to create democratic worker-ownership and living wage jobs in our community.